Clear Brook Counseling Professionals

Valerie Stubbs, LMFT, Director of Development

She, her, hers

If you’re experiencing compulsive behavior, anxiety, or trauma, know it can get better — especially with Valerie's help. She has been counseling since 2006 and has attended specialized training for survivors of trauma. Valerie was honored to be a member of the mental health Mobile Crisis unit for the Des...

Melissa Hirsch, LISW

She, her, hers

Making the decision to begin therapy can be difficult, and it is a brave step in taking care of your own wants and needs in life. I deeply value the various aspects that make up the journeys of others, as we all have our own unique stories. Often through reflection,...

John McDonald, LISW

He, him, his

I am interested in meeting you where you are at on life’s journey and providing support and guidance to help you get from feeling stuck to being on the track you want to be on. I do not take lightly my position as helper with your personal life and admire...

Nikki Roetman, ARNP

She, her, hers

Here are Clear Brook, we know the importance of making sure our clients are taking the right medications to reduce or eliminate symptoms and greatly improve their lives. Nikki Roetman, ARNP brings over 15 years of psychiatric experience from multiple setting, such as hospitals and prisons, to Clear Brook Counseling...

Kristina Corcoran, LMHC

She, her, hers

No matter how “put together” we are, we all get a little stuck sometimes. Life happens, and we might need someone to talk to. If you’re feeling stuck, overwhelmed, discontent, anxious, depressed, lonely, or are grieving, having relational issues, or just feel like you need to process the day-to-day, I...

Amber Jointer, LMSW

She, Her, Hers

Amber believes that the therapeutic process begins with building a trusting relationship while providing a safe and non judgmental space to share life challenges and stressors. Amber provides services with a high degree of empathy in a manner that is very down to earth and authentic. Amber utilizes Cognitive Behavioral...

Brittnay Miller, Graduate Student Intern

She, Her, Hers

I am a mental health counseling intern here to provide individuals, couples and families a safe and supportive environment to promote healing and growth. I am passionate about helping you remember that you are always enough, worthy of belonging and deserve radical self acceptance no matter where you are in...

Doug Detrick, LISW

He, Him, His

Doug has worked in a hospital, medical clinic, behavioral health clinic, jail and residential care facility helping people who have behavioral health issues. Doug has primarily worked with people who have anxiety disorders, depression, anger issues and pain issues to help them lead more productive lives. He has created and...

Tiki the Pug

Therapy Pet in Training

Tiki the Pug brings a new dynamic to Clear Brook Counseling Professionals. Her theoretical tools include sleeping, being petted, sitting, and more sleeping. Available some weekdays when she feels like it, and weekends based in her availability. Booking out several months in advance at this time.

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