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Kim Pontius, LMHC | Clinical Director

She, her, hers

Visit with Kim Pontius in individual, couples or family therapy, and discover a balance in your life and your relationships. A new perspective is sometimes all it takes. Kim takes time to build relationships with her guests to help them find the method that will best achieve them happiness and...

Thomas Patterson, LISW

He, him, his

Therapy is all about building a trusting, open relationship with a guiding professional. Thomas is one of those professionals. He’s the expert who yearns to share his knowledge, so he can guide you through your goal journey. He specializes in mindfulness therapy and working with clients to become more aware...

Delphine Weiss, LISW

She, her, hers

Delphine works with her clients to provide a safe environment to explore possibilities and approaches to life’s challenges. Many of us live with strain that comes from experiencing trauma, loss, and transitions. Delphine is a caring therapist who can offer you support, guidance, and empathy. Delphine is a trained EMDR...

Melissa Lohmann, LMHC

She, her, hers

I am an LMHC that utilizes a range of modalities to help address areas of concern including, but not limited to; attachment, anxiety, grief and trauma. My professional training includes working with children, adolescents, and adults with a variety of issues including relationship distress, abuse, stress management, self-harm, domestic violence...

John McDonald, LISW

He, him, his

I am grateful to have the opportunity to explore challenges people are experiencing and help them feel empowered to overcome these. I have experience and enjoy working with people who may experience the world through a unique lense and those who may have a history of adverse life experiences. The...

Daniel Chavarria, LMHC

He, him, his

Hello my name is Daniel, and when it comes to my therapy philosophy I believe no two people are the same and so there is not one single path for treatment for all individuals. I adapt my techniques to the individual's specific needs and learning abilities. I believe the therapeutic...

Nikki Roetman, ARNP

She, her, hers

Here are Clear Brook, we know the importance of making sure our clients are taking the right medications to reduce or eliminate symptoms and greatly improve their lives. Nikki Roetman, ARNP brings over 15 years of psychiatric experience from multiple setting, such as hospitals and prisons, to Clear Brook Counseling...

Grant Franklin, t-LMHC

He, Him, His

Hello, my name is Grant, and I am a tLMHC. My goal in therapy is to build quality relationships that establish trust and a foundation for growth and change. I utilize an approach that adapts to the individual's specific needs that focuses on their strengths and resources. My therapeutic approaches...

Leisha Ristau, LISW

She, her, hers

Life is full of ups and downs, and sometimes we need a little extra support. Clear Brook Counseling Professionals provides a non-judgmental and supportive atmosphere for clients to work toward their goals. Leisha has been practicing therapy since 2011, and is passionate about working with individuals (age 12 and up)...

Colleen Swain, t-LMHC

She, her, hers

As a t-LMHC, I strive to provide compassion, a safe therapeutic environment, and potential for creating clearer pathways for clients to grow and heal. Through personal connection and understanding, clients can grow and stretch themselves to find greater confidence and a stronger sense of self. I support adolescents (16+) and...

Katie Straw, t-LMHC

She, her, hers

After graduating from UNI with a degree in Anthropology, I moved overseas to get married and work at City College Manchester in the UK. There, I gained experience providing support for students from all over the world. When my children were born, I spent more than 10 years as an...

Emily Huss, LMSW

She, her, hers

Life can be hard at times, as a therapist I will help empower clients to overcome personal obstacles using a variety of evidence based practice. I strive to provide a safe, supportive and non-judgmental environment for clients to express themselves and work toward their goals. I received my undergraduate degree...

Doug Detrick, LISW

He, Him, His

Doug has worked in a hospital, medical clinic, behavioral health clinic, jail and residential care facility helping people who have behavioral health issues. Doug has primarily worked with people who have anxiety disorders, depression, anger issues and pain issues to help them lead more productive lives. He has created and...

Katherine Dinges, LISW

She, her, hers

Katherine provides therapy to older adolescents and adults with a wide range of mental health and behavioral issues. She is EMDR trained and holds a Certificate in Gerontology. Katherine received her undergraduate degree in Psychology from South Dakota State University, and her MSW from the University of Nebraska at Omaha....

Tiki the Pug

Therapy Pet in Training

Tiki the Pug brings a new dynamic to Clear Brook Counseling Professionals. Her theoretical tools include sleeping, being petted, sitting, and more sleeping. Available some weekdays when she feels like it, and weekends based in her availability. Booking out several months in advance at this time.

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