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Session Information

Session Types

Your first appointment with Clear Brook Counseling Professionals. This session is usually a full hour in length and billed at a higher rate than a continuing session is.  In this first meeting you and your counselor will go over your background information, establish a plan, and make sure that this will be a good fit for both the client and the counselor.   

Continuing sessions
Any session after the first intake appointment. These sessions are 38 minutes or more in length depending on the needs of the client that day. The cash pay rate for this session is $153. Copays and Co-insurance are based on the length of the session, and what your insurance company requires. If your session is 55 minutes or more, the session charge is $210.  
Relationship/Couple Therapy
Insurance does NOT cover relationship/couple counseling so this is done on a cash pay basis. Each session is $150.00.
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