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Stress Management

An inescapable — but manageable — part of life

Jerry has a to-do list that spans from dawn to dusk, from Monday to Sunday. He works part time at a home improvement store. He has to carve out time for his fiancé, their dog and household chores. And all the while, he’s working toward getting his Master’s degree in business, which means classes, papers, projects, speeches and a thesis. If he dropped the ball on any of these things, it wouldn’t mean the end of his life. Nonetheless, his mind reacts as if it would. And because of this, Jerry suffers from stress.


You surely have different things on your to-do lists but things that nevertheless cause stress in your life. There’s no escaping stress; it’s a reaction that’s hardwired into our brains for survival. And it’s a reaction that over time can cause or exacerbate physical or mental illness. That is, until you begin to learn techniques for stress management.    


Clear Brook Counseling Professionals tailor stress management programs to each individual, helping people take control of their daily patterns and modify how they think, what they do and how they live in reaction to everyday stress-causing events.


Contact us today to start working with one of our experts to develop your own stress management program and put yourself on a path to your long-term wellbeing.   


Clear Brook Counseling Professionals uses a proven set of techniques unique to each case to help clients find the peace they’re after:



Stress management programs

Current research has shown that our brains change over time, based on our experiences — and especially our repeated actions and reactions. Therefore, we can actually retrain our brains to better handle and manage the stress of our everyday lives. This means taking a look at your own daily routine, reflecting on how it effects your wellbeing, and learning how to make modifications you can stick to that will have a positive influence on how you think, how you feel and what you do about the routine things of your life, which normally cause you stress.


It sounds straightforward, but it’s best achieved alongside a trained professional who can help develop a realistic program, monitor progress and provide support as you work through your day-to-day life. 


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