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Substance Abuse Evaluations, Addiction Hypnosis, Smoking Cessation Classes

Change you can live with.

Craig has been suffering from depression on and off for about two years now. He has little motivation to do things he used to enjoy, and has been slipping up on his self-care routines.

He sees a therapist weekly, and wants to do more to combat his depressive symptoms. His therapist recommended seeing a substance abuse professional to identify potential need for treatment, addiction hypnosis, or more information on smoking cessation to help Craig get back on track with a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy body lays down a strong foundation for having a healthy mind. That’s why we’re now offering more focused substance abuse services as part of our new Self-Care Center available every Saturday to meet your busy schedule and your needs.

Weight loss, smoking cessation, and anxiety reduction hypnosis is a cash-pay service. Sessions can be purchased for $150 each, or $400 for three. 

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