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Relationship Therapy

Drifting apart
John and Meg have been married 15 years. This last year, though, the two have felt less like spouses and more like roommates. John sleeps five out of the seven nights in the spare bedroom. And Meg takes any chance she gets to leave the house. They’re fighting in front of their children. And neither knows how much longer they can put up with it.

John and Meg’s story is just one of many examples of a rough patch. All relationships have their ups and downs. It’s how a couple works through those bumps that really matters.

Clear Brook Counseling Professionals can help lead you and your partner through a successful set of techniques that will improve communication, rebuild trust, and give you tools to make your relationship stronger.




A note regarding health insurance: Health insurance plans do not cover relationship/couple/marriage counseling. As such, we offer a deeply discounted cash option to our clients interested in relationship counseling: $120 per 60 minute session, or $600 for a package of 6 sessions, if prepaid for the six treatment visits.

We are permitted to bill your health insurance for an initial diagnostic evaluation to assess problem areas, the presence of any psychiatric or emotional disorder, or the appropriateness of relationship enhancement therapy. We offer this as an option for clients before enrolling them in the relationship-counseling program. After the initial evaluation meeting (which is usually covered by insurance), the special “6 for the price of 5” package offers a $120 additional savings; it is non-refundable. This option is likely to appeal most to those seeking minimal paperwork and desiring to focus entirely on the relationship issues instead of individual concerns.


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