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Trauma Therapy

A nightmare on replay
Each night Paul slips under the covers of his bed, he tells himself he won’t have the nightmare again. It’s always the same: Paul’s driving his pickup down a highway at night, and suddenly — always — a car comes across his lane and sends him into the ditch. He awakes in sweat with hours more of the night to redream this event that happened months ago. Paul may only have fading bruises left from it on the outside, but the accident is tearing him apart on the inside. He can’t drive. He can’t even talk about driving. He can only see the face of the woman who slammed into his truck and who didn’t survive the accident.

Clear Brook Counseling Professionals can offer hope. Whether an accident, sexual trauma, an experience of war, or any other traumatic event, we have counselors that can help you work through your pained memories. We rely on a number of techniques and therapies to help our clients come to terms with the trauma and the painful memories:



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