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Hypnosis is Not therapy. It is a solution that comes from the mind, and changing the way you think, feel, and act, based on rewiring your mind. 

Our senses fill our lives with the beauty we experience, from a sound of a booming thunderstorm dropping rain onto a roof, to places we're taken in our memories when we smell a floral perfume. Close your eyes and imagine biting a lemon. Does it make your mouth water just a bit?  Our senses fill our lives with beauty. But what if your senses could heal you? Bring hope? What if your senses could change your life for the better? 

Hypnosis is the natural ability to heal your mind by using your senses to re-pattern how you think.  As easily as your mouth learned to water at the thought of lemons, it can learn any new behavior.  The mind is constantly creating new habits and patterns that come from our perception of the world around us, and we can use this same concept to free ourselves from the everyday complications of our lives. Anxiety, smoking, and unhealthy relationships with food -- they're all things we can use hypnosis to help heal. 

If you're ready to reconnect to who you were meant to be, using your senses for good, maybe it's time to try something different. Consider what you're worth. Every cigarette, every addiction, every unhealthy lifestyle choice has a cost, often that cost being your health. Perhaps it's time to engage your senses and put your health, physical and mental, first.  


Hypnosis is not covered by most insurances and is therefore provided as a cash-pay service. You are responsible for payment on the date of service in full. 

One session is $150.00 or you can purchase three sessions for $400.00.  This is a nonrefundable package.


Hypnosis uses several immersive styles and approaches, embracing the newest forms of technology and brain-wave integration. It is completed in sets of three to ensure you receive all the benefits. 




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