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Eating Disorders

A blurred reflection
When Sarah looked in the mirror, she didn’t see what was really there. She saw the words her old classmates used to label her with. With the start of college, getting bogged down with tough classes, and needing a job, Sarah couldn’t keep control of her life. But she could control her weight. She started skipping meals. The emptiness in her stomach filled an emptiness in her mind. But the less she ate, the more Sarah disappeared in the mirror before her. She passed out on the way to class in September. Her friends started noticing her gaunt face and began to worry. Why did Sarah want to disappear?

This is just one story of an eating disorder. There are many others — but they all have one thing in common: there is hope.

Clear Brook Counseling Professionals can help you see what’s really in the mirror: a bright, healthy and meaningful future. We’ll help you overcome your eating disorder and regain a healthy relationship with nutrition and diet. Our proven techniques include:



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