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Depression and Bipolar Disorder

Saddest of the sad
Charlotte has three beautiful children, a loving husband, and a five-bedroom house with a wraparound porch she’d dreamed of as a child. But why is it that she can lie in bed all day, far from the porch, crying into her pillow? She’s ashamed to tell any of her friends or her husband how she’s feeling because she knows how great her life is. But just last week, Charlotte missed her daughter’s band recital, opting to stay in her house in her pajamas. And yesterday she started doubting just how great her life is and contemplated about why her life matters at all. Her family is starting to worry, and Charlotte is as apathetic as ever, pushing them away.

This is just one story of depression. There are many others — by the seasons, with triggers, with highs and lows — all unique and all equally draining on lives.

Clear Brook Counseling Professionals can help. We use evidence-based treatments to treat depression and get clients back on the path to a life that’s without a doubt worth living.



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