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Making it work together apart.

Lisa and Tom had been together for nine years when they had decided to uncouple. They both knew it would be incredibly hard on their two young sons. Tom and Lisa love helping out at school, watching soccer games, and going on outings. They want to put the boys first, but don’t know how they’ll be able to do it effectively and equally.

Co-parenting is a great solution to separation that offers consistency, teamwork, and a kid-focused philosophy. You’ll learn how to resolve conflicts and manage a two-household situation where everyone benefits.


A note regarding health insurance: Health insurance plans do not cover this type of counseling. As such, we offer a deeply discounted cash option to our clients interested in relationship counseling: $120 per 60 minute session, or $300 for a package of 3 sessions, if prepaid for the three visits. It is non-refundable.

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