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Chronic Pain Management

Daily Aches and Pains

Jim’s everyday aches and pains have become just that, a pain. Jim wakes up every morning with debilitating back pain. After slowly moving through his morning routine he is off to work, where he does a lot of standing and lifting of heavy equipment. After work he heads home still in pain, hoping tonight his pain will go away so he can play with his kids. Jim tries to play catch with his son, but after two short tosses of the ball Jim’s pain is so bad he must go lie down. What was once just an annoyance, has now become life consuming.

Jim is one of millions who suffer from chronic pain. Chronic pain can become debilitating, but with the partnership of your medical provider and Clear Brook Counseling Professionals, your pain can become manageable.


Clear Brook Counseling Professionals can help people like Jim. We use evidence-based treatments and methodology to help clients cope with and manage chronic pain to get them back to a valued life.


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