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Compulsive Behaviors/OCD

Just this once
Tammie often experiences periods of melancholy. Sometimes after she gets a bill. Other times when she gets in an argument with a member of her family. She’s never worried about it, though, because she knows just what will do the trick: shopping. Tammie pulls out her credit card and blazes through the mall. Each purchase releases some of the pressure that’s built up inside her. Each purchase fulfils the emptiness in her chest. And then she gets home with all her spoils just to look at the bill she’s rung up to feel sad all over again. Eighty percent of the clothes in her closet still have price tags on them even. Shopping’s getting out of control.

Tammie is one of many who’s experiencing a behavioral addiction. Others may be addicted to gambling, or sex, or the Internet, or even video games. Behavioral addictions come in all shapes and sizes. When the behavior goes from excessive to spinning out of control, that’s when individuals need help.

Clear Brook Counseling Professionals will work with individuals suffering from behavioral addiction to get to the root of the issue and then provide support to help them overcome their addictions. We do this though:



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