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is a condition that affects every aspect of your behavior and mood. And without proper help, this can become a serious long-term issue.


Yet many women suffer from depression in secret. About 12 million suffer from clinical depression in the United States — and fewer than half of these women seek care.* We all know someone who puts on a smile when they really want to cry and laughs when they really want to disappear. Admittedly, we all have to put on a good face once in a while. But we can help make it that smile real.


Symptoms that signal it’s time to get help:

  • Chronic sadness or irritability
  • Decreased interest in activities once found enjoyable
  • Increased isolation
  • Changes in weight or appetite
  • Sleep issues
  • Slow moving and restless most days
  • Fatigue, sluggishness, low energy most days
  • Thoughts of worthlessness or excessive guilt day after day
  • Trouble focusing, thinking, and making decisions
  • Thoughts of dying or suicide


Do these symptoms sound familiar? We have a team of experts here for you. Come talk to us. Try us out. We’re here to listen to you, equip you with proven techniques, and help you rediscover the moments in life to truly smile for.


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*Mental Health America

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