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Massage Therapy

Relaxation and easing the tension.

Carolyn was diagnosed with anxiety back when she was a teenager. Since then, she’s been taking medication and getting counseling on a weekly basis to help with her symptoms.

Four months ago, she was laid off at her job and hasn’t been able to find a new one yet. This has put a tremendous amount of stress on her, and she’s had terrible pain in her lower back ever since.

Carolyn asked her therapist if her anxiety might be what’s causing her back pain. Her therapist said that it’s absolutely a possibility, and recommended that she begins seeing a massage therapist.

When paired with counseling, massage becomes an incredibly effective tool that encourages mental and physical wellness. The relaxation you experience during a massage is virtually unparalleled, allowing you to release tension and regain a clear perspective.

Krystal Cox, our Licensed Massage Therapist, uses a mix of spa, clinical, and energy techniques to help clients heal. She’ll work with you to establish goals for each session to compliment your counseling treatment and help you achieve noticeable results.

  • Focused Massage
    • This treatment focuses on a particular area of tension. Using a variety of techniques and aromatherapy, your therapist aims to ease discomfort and to relax the body and mind.
    • Offered in two time increments: 30 minutes for $30 and 60 minutes for $60
  • Full-body Massage
    • This nurturing head-to-toe massage releases tension in the body and provides a safe space to exhale. Depending on your concerns, the therapist may use attention to breath, aromatherapy, and other techniques to help achieve maximum benefits.
    • Offered in two time increments: 60 minutes for $60 and 90 minutes for $90
  • Acupressure Treatment
    • Based on traditional Chinese medicine and Taoist philosophy, this gentle treatment aims to release blockages in the body and promote body-mind awareness. By engaging various points on the body, the therapist holds meditative space for the client. This treatment is done fully clothed.
    • Offered in only one time increment: 90 minutes for $90

Pre-paid package options:

  • Three 30 minute sessions for $80 (a $10 savings)
  • Three 60 minute sessions for $165 (a $15 savings)
  • Three 90 minute sessions for $250 (a $20 savings)


A note regarding health insurance: Clear Brook Counseling Professionals will not bill your insurance for this service. All massages are on a cash pay basis. We will provide clients with a receipt if they would like to submit it to insurance on their own. It is non-refundable.

Gift certificates are available. 
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