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Sports Performance Hypnosis

The crowd is cheering. Your fans are watching, waiting. Your opponent stands across from you. “Get your head in the game,” your coach shouts.   

Sports hypnosis helps you do just that: concentrate, focus, be in the zone. After all, sports aren’t just about physical prowess — they’re about the right mindset and mental fortitude.

And with hypnosis, you can make use of your entire brain, including the subconscious, to tap in to your instincts and prepare for the best performance you can achieve.

How does it work? At Clear Brook Counseling Professionals, our hypnosis experts help athletes of all levels:

  • Mentally rehearse and visualize
    For extra practice and a leg up on reality, visualizing lets you practice in a controlled environment even off the field.  
  • Form positive expectations
    To channel energy toward the right goals and motivations and to avoid letting your mind set you up to fail.
  • Connect the mind and body
    To encourage smooth transmission of messages from the mind to the body, because the two depend on one another.  

Hypnosis is a effective form of behavior modification and common in the athletic industry. As long as you have a skilled counselor and a safe environment, you can turn the performance you could only imagine before into a reality.

Valerie Stubbs, LMFT, CADC, CCH, specializes in sports performance hypnosis. For more information or to make an appointment with Valerie, contact us today.


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