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Smoking Cessation

Inhale life, exhale the habit
Heather picked up a cigarette when she was a senior in high school. She hasn’t put it down since. “You know smoking kills hundreds of thousands of people each year, Heather,” her mother would say year after year. But Heather isn’t a statistic. She’s a grown woman who is well aware of the risks. And they’re hers to take. And she’s okay with them—that is until Heather loses a boyfriend she really liked when he learned she smoked. That, and the price of cigarettes going up every other month. Heather needs to quit the habit.

Heather’s reasons for quitting smoking are just a few out of the many. And though she wants to quit now, she’s failed to break the habit successfully for longer than a week.

That’s where Clear Brook Counseling Professionals come in. Our team works with clients to overcome addiction and welcome healthiness and independence. Our techniques include:



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