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Substance Abuse and Addictions

Draining away
Scott took a sip of beer from his father’s mug when he was 12. He started taking bottles from the fridge by the age of 15. It was forbidden — it was cool. But he couldn’t shake the habit. By the time he was 21, when he got home from work, he needed a beer. When he sat down for dinner, he needed a beer. When he watched TV, he needed a beer. And one day when he was driving his car, he needed a beer. He lost his license, he disappointed his wife and kids, and he lost his freedom.

This is just one story of substance abuse. There are many others — with drugs, pain killers, and more — all unique and all equally draining on lives.

Clear Brook Counseling Professionals can help build you up to overcome your dependencies and to take hold of your life and goals. And we can do this through individual, group, and family therapy — together.

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