Clear Brook Counseling Professionals

We Believe in Holistic Care

From massage therapy to hypnosis, we believe in the holistic approach to mental health. Just as the mind and body are deeply connected, the healing of one requires the healing of the other. 

Clear Brook Counseling Professionals utilizes Feedback Informed Treatment (FIT) to focus mental health services on evidence-based practices and well-trained clinicians. The difference is Clear at Clear Brook!

Ames and Ankeny locations are open

Clear Brook Counseling Professionals is excited to announce the introduction of our two newest team members! Both Nicole Reedy and Daniel Chavarria join Clear Brook with extensive knowledge and skills in the areas of Bilingual services (Daniel), EMDR, and Family therapy.

Please speak with our friendly front desk staff about scheduling your appointment in the heart of Ankeny and the Southside of Ames. Eating Disorders, EMDR, Couples, and Parenting concerns are all topics covered by the Ankeny and Ames locations. 

Now accepting new patients at both locations, with same day appointments available (some therapists are not taking new clients). Call 515-337-1764 today!


Clear Brook Counseling Professionals is enhancing lives in Ames and Ankeny, Iowa, with counseling, mental health therapy, and techniques that work. 

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